10 Saddest Anime Movies That Will Make You Cry

Looking to watch a sad anime movie? Check out these amazing films that will make you Cry!
10 Saddest Anime Movies That Will Make You Cry
10 Saddest Anime Movies

Anime movies have the unique ability to influence the mind and evoke deep emotions. From heart-wrenching stories to beautifully crafted characters, there have been many anime movies released in the last decade that have brought viewers to tears. In this article, we will explore the 10 Saddest Anime Movies released between 2010 and 2022. Prepare to ride a rollercoaster of emotions as we delve deeper into these heart-touching stories.

“Your Name” (2016)

A Tale of Love and Destiny

Release Year:2016
Genre:Romance, Fantasy, Drama
Director:Romance, Fantasy, Drama
Voice Actress:Ryunosuke Kamiki (Taki), Mone Kamishiraishi (Mitsuha)

“Your Name” directed by Makoto Shinkai, is a visually stunning masterpiece that weaves a story of two individuals who mysteriously swap bodies. This emotional rollercoaster explores themes of love, loss, and destiny, leaving you with tears of both joy and sorrow.

“A Silent Voice” (2016)

The Power of Redemption

Release Year:2016
Genre:Drama, Slice of Life
Director:Naoko Yamada
Voice Actress:Miyu Irino (Shoya Ishida), Saori Hayami (Shoko Nishimiya)

“A Silent Voice” directed by Naoko Yamada delves into the sensitive topic of bullying and redemption. The film portrays the journey of a young boy seeking forgiveness from a deaf girl he once bullied. It’s a profound tale of healing and redemption that will undoubtedly move you to tears.

“Grave of the Fireflies” (1988)

A Timeless Classic

Release Year:1998
Genre:Drama, War
Director:Isao Takahata
Voice Actress:Tsutomu Tatsumi (Seita), Ayano Shiraishi (Setsuko)

Although not within the specified time frame, “Grave of the Fireflies” remains one of the saddest and most impactful anime films ever created. Directed by Isao Takahata, this wartime drama tells the heartbreaking story of two siblings struggling to survive during World War II.

“Wolf Children” (2012)

The Bonds of Motherhood

Release Year:2012
Genre:Fantasy, Slice of Life, Drama
Director:Mamoru Hosoda
Voice Actress:Aoi Miyazaki (Hana), Takao Osawa (Wolfman)

Directed by Mamoru Hosoda, “Wolf Children” is a heartwarming yet tear-inducing story of a mother raising her half-human, half-wolf children after the tragic loss of her husband. This film beautifully explores the challenges of motherhood and the sacrifices a parent makes for their children.

“Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day” (2011)

Reconnecting with the Past

Release Year:2011
Genre:Drama, Supernatural, Slice of Life
Director:Tatsuyuki Nagai
Voice Actress:Miyu Irino (Jintan), Ai Kayano (Menma)

“Anohana” directed by Tatsuyuki Nagai is a poignant story of a group of friends who drift apart after a tragic incident. The film focuses on their journey to reconnect with each other and the past. It’s a tale of friendship, guilt, and moving forward, with moments that will leave you teary-eyed.

“I Want to Eat Your Pancreas” (2018)

A Bittersweet Journey

Release Year:2018
Genre:Drama, Romance, Slice of Life
Director:Shin’ichirô Ushijima
Voice Actress:Mahiro Takasugi (Haruki), Lynn (Sakura)

Despite its unusual title, this anime film directed by Shin’ichirô Ushijima tells a moving story of a terminally ill girl and the boy who discovers her secret diary. Their bond deepens as they embark on a bittersweet journey together, making it impossible not to shed a tear.

“5 Centimeters Per Second” (2007)

Lost Connections

Release Year:2007
Genre:Romance, Drama
Director:Makoto Shinkai
Voice Actress:Kenji Mizuhashi (Takaki), Yoshimi Kondou (Akari)

Though slightly earlier than the specified timeframe, Makoto Shinkai’s “5 Centimeters Per Second” deserves a mention. This anime explores themes of distance, lost connections, and the fleeting nature of time, leaving viewers with a melancholic yet beautiful experience.

“Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms” (2018)

Eternal Love and Loss

Release Year:2018
Genre:Fantasy, Drama
Director:Mari Okada
Voice Actress:Manaka Iwami (Maquia), Miyu Irino (Ariel)

Directed by Mari Okada, “Maquia” is a tale of an immortal girl who raises a mortal boy, exploring the themes of love, motherhood, and the pain of immortality. This film offers a unique perspective on the concept of eternal love and the heartbreak it can bring.

“The Anthem of the Heart” (2015)

Unspoken Pain

Release Year:2015
Genre:Drama, Romance
Director:Tatsuyuki Nagai
Voice Actress:Inori Minase (Jun), Koki Uchiyama (Takumi)

Directed by Tatsuyuki Nagai, this anime film tells the story of a girl who loses her ability to speak after a traumatic experience. It’s a touching exploration of communication, healing, and the power of words left unsaid.

“Weathering with You” (2019)

Love Amidst Natural Forces

Release Year:2019
Genre:Fantasy, Romance, Drama
Director:Makoto Shinkai
Voice Actress:Kotaro Daigo (Hodaka), Nana Mori (Hina)

Weathering with You,” another gem by Makoto Shinkai, tells the story of a boy who meets a girl with the power to control the weather. Their love story unfolds against the backdrop of climate change and the consequences of their actions. It’s a beautifully animated film that will leave you with a mix of emotions.


These 10 Saddest Anime Movies, have the power to stir your emotions, make you cry, and leave a lasting impact. Whether you’re a seasoned anime fan or a newcomer to the genre, these films offer profound narratives that resonate with the human experience.


1. Are these anime movies suitable for children?

Although some of these films may be suitable for older children, many of them deal with complex themes and emotions that may not be suitable for very young audiences. It is advisable to check the age rating and content warnings before watching with children.

2. Is “Grave of the Fireflies” a must-watch despite being released before 2010?

Absolutely! “Grave of the Fireflies” is a timeless classic that continues to touch hearts and is a must-watch for any anime enthusiast.

3. Which of these movies has the most beautiful animation?

Your Name,” “Weathering With You,” and “Wolf Children” are known for their captivating animation and visual storytelling.

4. Can I watch these movies with subtitles or dubbed versions?

Most of these movies offer both subbed and dubbed version, so you can choose the one that suits your preference.

5. Where can I watch these anime movies online?

You can find many of these movies on popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Amazon Prime. Check availability in your area.

In this era of captivating storytelling, these anime movies stand as testaments to the power of animation in conveying deep emotions and resonating with audiences on a profound level. So, grab some tissues and immerse yourself in the world of these sad and beautiful anime films.

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