26 The Best Anime of 2023

The Best Anime of 2023 So Far
The Best Anime of 2023 So Far

The Best Anime of 2023: Although we’re more than halfway into 2023, anime has hit its peak. Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer, and Vinland Saga have plenty of exciting arcs that can take up so much time of a fan’s day but let’s not forget Buddy Daddies and Hell’s Paradise. These originals are just as inventive and charming.

Netflix did the impossible by creating a live-action adaptation for One Piece’s Wano arc just as the anime is coming to a close. This took them years, but it was well worth it and I’d be dying to know how many people have recently started watching One Piece since the adaptation aired. As of right now, that information isn’t available but it’s safe to say that 2023 will top all previous years in terms of anime.

And if you thought that was enough, Attack on Titan: The Final Season is finally getting its last batch of episodes. After 25 years Bleach will finally end too with Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War. To top this all off? The series we’ve known and loved for so long will also be saying goodbye to Ash. I can’t even fathom what they’re going to do with Pokémon after Ash leaves us but one thing is for sure, there won’t be a dry eye in sight for any fans.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m never looking away from my TV again because this year is going to be fire!

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Oshi no Ko

From the writer behind Kaguya-sama: It is followed by Love is War, Aka Akasaka, which presents another exceptional series but in different ways. The Kaguya-sama, though may make you cringe or laugh or cheer the young lovers, the writer says, but when it comes to the Oshi no Ko, he sees it as a repugnant thing when some real topics touch the entertainment world. The Doga Kobo Studio manages excellent animations for each chapter of Oshi no Ko, which come as surprises in unending twists.

To be honest, I can’t give away the plot of Oshi no Ko, however, the narration begins with the move of a talented and famous idol called Ai Hoshino because of untimely pregnancy to a rural area. After this, her physician who is an Ai fan gets mysteriously killed before re-emerging as one of her babies in a new identity. One child dies and gets reborn in another doctor’s previous patient, who is a big fan of Ai too. Both do not know who each other is and try navigating through the entertainment industry in an attempt to figure out what’s happening.

It sounds weird, I know. However, if you are a mystery and drama addict like me, then this one is a must-watch named Oshi no Ko. The title refers to a TV sequence that has a pilot of eighty minutes long! Only after watching this initial episode, one will actually become a fan of it in the long term.


What’s most attractive about Skip and Loafer, though, is its hero whose simply delightful—as romantic leads go. He is great, popular, dashing – but he simply remains “a good guy”!

Mitsumi Iwakura is determined to rise above the level of her family’s social status and attends a renowned high school in Tokyo. She is a very perfectionist workaholic but perhaps underprepared for city life as she enters a high institution with more than 6 pupils under one teacher. On her initial day as a member of the public transport system, Milla confesses that she got lost and bumps into Sōsuke Shima who incidentally is also stuck in the traffic. He is amazingly cool about it and he takes care of her.

The two sparks up an unlikely friendship: This makes Shima a heart-throbbing icon among females while Mitsumi is often found in awkward situations due to her bubbly nature of breaking social boundaries However, Shima is just kind-hearted and patient; it’s obvious that he enjoys spending his time with Mitsumi. However, it is not a one-way street. The passion and commitment in Mitsumi awaken a something of Shima which still remains enigmatic with little being known about her previous background that is slowly revealing through the show.

The other cast members bring strength to the show (particularly Mitsumi’s neat stylist aunt, Nao) however never dwarf the leading characters, and the connection between them. Therefore, friendship plays the key role of a romance that has to bloom but most importantly in the characters development and in the TV show. To see how these two, in their own ways, bond – and maybe fall in love is simply cute!

Tengoku Daimakyo (Heavenly Delusion)

As I watched Production I.G’s Tengoku Daimakyo, a new sci-fi mystery anime based on Masakazu Ishiguro’s manga series (which is known as Heavenly Delusion in English), my mind kept wandering back at Otomo’s 19 They both focus on a group of youngsters, born after catastrophic accidents, being self-reliant in a world where hope for the future is lost and trying to find their place in the world. The difference in Tengoku Daimakyo with respect to Otomo’s work is evident enough as it dwells on the interplay between two characters which probes into the subject areas such as friendship, sex and adolescent hood.

Set 15 years after the fall of civilization, Tengoku Daimakyo alternates between two stories: This includes Maru and Kiruka, two child protagonists who roam around post war Tokyo searching for an enigmatic place which they call ‘Heaven’ and a group of strange child prodigies dwelling in a high tech underground facility with supernatural ability. Their quest for heaven is interrupted by dreadful supernatural animals of which only Maru can dispatch. What is the link between these two stories. Who is Maru and what is his powers and relation with last days of Earth? Watching Tengoku Daimakyo is half of the fun of figuring that out! Another half is instantly watches TV show for a second time to notice the evidence that remained unidentified during your initial observation.

One of the outstanding anime premieres of 2023 must-watch includes Tengoku Daimakyo, which features impressive casts of captivating characters, marvellous animation, captivating post-apocalyptic mystery stories accompanied by breathtaking.

Summer Time Rendering

For anyone in search of a whodunit packed with suspense that will drive them mad, look no further than Summer Time Rendering as an ideal pick. The genre is pretty narrowed down to a supernatural mystery/thriller-romantic movie or romantic-slice-of-life. Therefore, everybody has a chance!

In this case, a main character of the story comes back to their birthplace for farewell of a dear friend died since young age. First of all, Shinpei is informed by someone about the death of his child-hood friend Ushio with whom he used to play baseball together, where he learnt that his friend Ushio drowned. However, Shinpei later begins to doubt that this was just a

Let me put it this way, the story at hand goes beyond a simple who-did-it or murder case-based mystery like that of Summer Time Rendering. The show has far greater potential for leaving you in state of confusion – in a good way.

The last episode leaves you at the edge of your seat such that the whole season was watched all through one night and I missed my bedtime for several hours. Fortunately, the series contains just twenty-five episodes, meaning that if one decides to watch he/she would devote just eight and half hours of time.

Attack on Titan: The Final Season — Part 3

Don’t you recall how the conclusion of Attack on Titan left everyone, especially Twitter in utter shock last year? Yeah, well believe it or not, that was just the beginning. Buckle up for Attack on Titan: Part Three: The Final Season—an oath made by the author Hajime Isayama that is said to bring an ending once and for all. The makers of the savage monster fantasy, MAPPA revealed that the third season will be divided into two parts- with them set to air early next year. Well, you may probably brace yourself for more craziness of this caliber in Attack on Titan this year. Attack on Titan: The Final Season –Part Three has been announced to premiere on March 4th in Japan and most likely stream on Crunchyroll as its sister station after that.

Jujutsu Kaisen: Season 2

However, readers of Jujutsu Kaisen have come to realise that since its debut in March 2018 as a story hitting the road it rolled fast enough into becoming a complicated tapestry of stories. As for the anime of “Jujutsu Kaisen”, it went off at full speed right after Yuji Itadori -high school pupil, became cursed by a demon. It is also expected back in its second seasons this year. Akutami Gege’s response was this sarcastic statement: ‘Jujutsu Kaisen Season Two will premiere in July 2023 and may possibly simulcast on Crunchyroll just as the series of the first season.

Horimiya: The Missing Pieces

Horimiya had a massive fanbase of the manga series even before the anime adaptation was released. So, fans were totally excited about its anime adaptation in 2021, but they were disappointed by several missing scenes.

The series’ 13 episodes covered the manga’s 139 chapters, missing all the best scenes in the process. Thankfully, the second part of the anime series covering those missing scenes was released in 2023. Horimiya is an interesting school drama with many cute side characters.

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War, Part 2

This moment, which has taken bleach enthusiasts a long while. And only now the anime is getting ready for its last episode. Bleach’s final arc, titled “Thousand Year Blood War,” has Ichigo Kurosaki and his team of Soul Reapers facing Yhwach—father of all Quincys at last.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2

Tokyo Revenged made my heart race into my chest this winter after abandoning me in suspense by showing the escape routes used by Takemichi before the imminent encounter. However, by showing the methods through which Takemichi escapes and stops a catastrophe, Tokyo Having failed to reclaim his past at first, Takemichi now cannot go back and face the prospect of jail without revealing the hidden secret of his journey through time. Thus, he starts telling all to Chifuyu who, despite his rough exterior, turns out to be a real

The fight against Black Dragon is a no-holds barred affair when it enters the scene, targeting the lives of Takemichi and Chifuyu’s friends in present time while posing threat on the soul of Tokyo Manji in near future. So determined are they to crush Black Dragon that not only do they defy Mikey’s order on it, but also, they get in bed with that same villain who later killed Chifuyu and planned on killing Takemichi in future. This alliance brings with it a nuanced view of Kisaski which shows him as somebody beyond the “villain” of Takemichi’s narrative and reveals the tangled web that links both his past with the past of the former.

One Piece: Season 20, Wano Country Arc

The series mounts in weight for One Piece. It’s like a combination of K2, Annapurna and Changabang mountains for the eyes to climb in order not to miss any episode of series 20 already out, while there are still nineteen more previous seasons. However, given their strong work on final battles within Wano in One Piece and seeing how it does waste considerable amounts of time.

Hell’s Paradise

If an Assassin is taken alive, and escapes the halter, he shall be pardoned by his captors”. And if he could find some magical elixir of eternal life and take it back to Japan, Orito would wipe away all his sins. However, there was an exception; he must go and come back with his hanging man or forget about it.

Blue Lock

In fact, Blue Lock came just in time when the 2022 World Cup was due and based on a fanciful form of the Japanese national team. Starting a new development program titled “Blue Lock,” Japan trains young hopefuls competing to be the team’s next star player. There’s just one catch: Failing the Blue Lock program means you cannot represent Japan at all.

Nier: Automata Ver1.1a

2017’s Nier: Automata is one of the best video games of the last 10 years, a meditative, genre-defying action game that requires players to directly confront, in a way only video games can, one’s survival. . Related fear. may face. Referring to the many destructions suffered by humanity in the early 21st century. Strange, frustrating, disturbing, and deeply moving, Automata challenges video games as a medium so much that adapting them to television almost feels like a violation of the entire game.

In its first episode, version 1.1a fully confirms these fears, with a direct adaptation of the game’s opening moments that does not give away that it is neither exclusive to the uninitiated, nor to the converted. Justifies the investment. Then he digs in to suggest that the series could eventually turn into something completely different. That’s part of the fun: There’s no way to know for sure until the end.

For now, the main attraction is the one that attracted unsuspecting players to director Yoko Taro’s game in the first place: a strange sci-fi distant future where warrior androids fight an endless war on behalf of the humans they’ve abandoned. , , land. In the absence of humanity, raw machines are taking over the planet and fighting mindless androids in a constant standoff. Things continue like this, until some machines suddenly lose interest in combat and start growing flowers, and some androids begin to question their mission and purpose.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury

Even though it has been run for many seasons within the mech genre, The Witch from Mercury could serve perfectly well as starting point for anybody eager to climb into a gargantuan robot and beat up another person.

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead

What would yours be on the last day before you turned into one of those rotting zombies. The Apocalypse starts and it coincides with a new zombie-like corporating job for Akira Tendo which is about forming that list. Acting both as a commentary of the end times and the nature of boring, cyclical work life, Zom 100: Heart is more abundant in the Bucket List of the Dead than expected. It is not surprising that as of this August, Netflix will release a live-action adaptation.

Ranking of Kings: Season Two, The Treasure Chest of Courage

Last year, One of the most amazingly refreshing anime was, The story of a small prince who learns to rule with love rather than fear in Ranking of Kings. Happy to have him come back with a little capsule collection of short stories to continue(mostly) the bookended story, here comes the Little Prince back for more adventures in his charming kingdom, and I couldn’t be any happier.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles

Congratulations to all of us who are done with Harry Potter! Get ready for the next wizard school hijinks!

It’s called Mashle: Magic and Muscles, and it is about boy going in magic school without any personal talents in magic. Does he have evidence that will, and desire are greater abilities than having a natural advantage upon birth?

Buddy Daddies

It should have been clear to Crunchyroll, following in the wake of Spy x Family’s triumph, that the launching time of Buddy Daddies would yield almost instant results. Well, you have to see it just by looking at the title alone, don’t you? Buddy daddies is about two bachelor assassins with one little girl tagging along after their mission was disrupted by events. It’s cute.

Boruto: Sasuke’s Story Arc

Despite the belief that Boruto would be a successful successor to Naruto, it turned out that it is not the most exciting continuation for the ninja universe besides Naruto’s uninspiring offspring. One of today’s most popular cartoon heroes will make his first official appearance in the Sasuke’s Story arc as an Adult, for a very special mission of going undercover in prison where he will have to face some terrible criminals. There were two; one went with his wife Sakura, to search for the medicine that had made Naruto sick suddenly and without apparent cause.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Swordsmith Village Arc

For the past three years, Anime has been dominated by Demon Slayer. The manga series on which it is based is over but its animated version is still going and there are indications that the latter will not cease anytime soon. The 2020 film, Demon Slayer: The first such example was Mugen Train, which broke up all records in Japan. Another popular arc aired in the second season and this particular arc was amongst those with the highest ratings. For its third season, the ‘Demon Slayer’ will take up the next arc, the “Swordsmith Village Arc”, with characters moving on from breaking the Tanjiro’s initial sword that was gifted by skilled blacksmith.

Vinland Saga: Season 2

Say what you will about Vikings: Makoto Yukimura’s Vinland Saga, a decade-spanning manga about Vikings published in America as Valhalla or The Northman, is one of its kind – none has ever been so perfect in depicting the world of the Vikings. Subsequently, the season series returns this year with Thorfinn, who is the son of an overthrown warrior and now serves in the same force that murdered the warrior’s father. MAPPA, who produced mega-hits like Jujustsu Kaiser, Attack on Titan, and Chainsaw Man is also responsible for animating Vinland Saga.

Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre

Twenty of the scariest short stories by horror storyteller, Junji Ito, will be turned into a Netflix animated series in 2019 for the first time ever. In collaboration with the streaming platform, it was the master of fear and horror –the artist renowned for his grotesque images that have cult followings—who had handpicked these works himself.

Trigun Stampede

In continuation with the trends established by Trigun, a successful anime aired in 1998 on this gunman who was wanted. Stampede aims to maintain the tradition while also advancing it. Similar to Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell, it is characterized by dynamic 3D animation as well.

The Fire Hunter

The Fire Hunter is another tale of fantasy, which comes out as a result of returning Medieval Japan into the feudal society. It also includes new mysterious Flame Demons for which there are special people, who call themselves “fire hunters”, that protect the world form these Demons.

Golden Kamuy

In Part IV of the Golden Kamuy anime, the story with partners pursuing an unbelievably powerful gold deposit is still running. In fact, any attempt to monitor the whereabouts of such inmates who manage to get free from jail would entail following up on the tattoos on their backs, which point towards the hiding place of the treasure.


Twenty-six years later, everyone favourite Pokémon trainer is retiring; Ash Ketchum. Last December, the boy along with their partner Pokémon Pikachu became the winners of the World Championships and so he has paved way for other young explorers to follow suite. However, before that happens, eleven special episodes will be dedicated to farewell from Ash’s Pokémon career in 2023 year. Taking an enormous and hazardous step, the hit children’s franchise, it is going along with two new heroes by the names of Liko and Roy who launch an exciting journey in the Pokémon universe.

Monkey D. Luffy
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