Chihayafuru Manga Will End On August 1, 2022

Chihayafuru Manga Will End In August 2022
Chihayafuru Manga Will End In August 2022

The Shjo and Josei titles have far fewer headlines than Shnen and Sein, which attract a lot of audiences of all kinds. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a story that goes beyond its target and is able to attract all kinds of people. As also shown by his anime, Chihayafuru is one of this manga.

Born in Last Days in 2007 thanks to the intuition of Yuki Suetsugu and publication in B-Love magazine, Chihyafuru is a josei manga that has been brought to the crest of the wave in recent years by the anime available on Crunchyroll, divided into different seasons. In. The anime has impressed the Italian public to such an extent that the Goan publishing house has thought of it.

As was well known, however, history is about to end at home. Writer Yuki Suetsugu made it clear for a while that the end was coming, and the official announcement now comes. Chihayafuru will end on August 1, 2022, with Chapter 247 the last. The story will include a 50-tank bonus, the last of which will be released in Japan next winter and feature a spin-off. So an era has closed for one of Kodansha House’s most crucial manga josei.

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