Halo Infinite Co-op Open Beta now has a release date

Halo Infinite Co-op Open Beta now has an arrival date
Halo Infinite Co-op Beta

343 Industry invites all players to the Halo Infinite Co-op Campaign beta starting next week.

Like last summer’s multiplayer tech preview, this preview will help prepare the team for the launch of a network co-op campaign later this year, allowing players to try out the feature and help 343 Industries.

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Halo Infinite Co-op (Image: Halo Infinite)

From Monday, July 11, through Friday, July 22, the preview will be public and available to everyone who owns the Halo Infinite Co-op campaign with an active Xbox Game Pass membership. To participate, console players must be part of the Xbox Insider Program, while Steam players will be limited to registered Halo Insiders.

The entire Halo Infinite Co-op campaign will be playable in an online co-op when a beta version is available, and the nature of this new version will require all players to download the current version of the campaign and start a new one, as there is none. Past progress will continue. As missions in beta are completed, they will also become available to play as part of mission replays. Progress made in the beta version will not carry over to the game’s retail version. For more information, visit Halo Waypoint.

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