Kaede to Suzu is Highest Rated Adult Anime on MyAnimeList (MAL)

Kaede to Suzu Animation Adult Anime
Kaede to Suzu Animation Adult Anime

The author of adult manga “Kyokucho (きょくちょ)” announced on his Twitter that his doujinshi hentai Kaede to Suzu, is already in the first position in the ranking of adult anime on the MyAnimeList platform, surpassing productions such as Imaizumin Chi wa Douyara Gal no Tamariba ni Natteru Rashii (Imaizumi’s Place Became a Gal Hangout Spot for Some Reason), Master Piece The Animation and Garden: Takamine-ke no Nirinka – the animation.

Kaede to Suzu MyAnimeList Rating

The doujinshi has a total of 1,900 reviews and it scores 7.80 points. Meanwhile, Imoizumin-Chi wa dou yara gal no tamariba ni natteru rasshi has 6,700 reviews.

Kaede to Suzu’s First OVA was released in Japan on March 25, 2022 by Pink Pineapple’s Studio 1ST. Produce of the sequel has been approved.

Kaede to Suzu Synopsis:

[Story 1] Another day after school, Suzu, Kaede’s twin sister, summons them to the student council room together with her. Kaede wonders what this strange box on her desk is and when she put her hand on it; her hands were trapped.

[Story 2] Today, it is a cultural festival day. Her gang settles on putting up a maid café and the maids in their skirts are lively. It goes without saying that her classmate Kaede doesn’t miss either, coming in a maid uniform and serving the patrons. In the meantime, Suzu, visiting me in some bizarre way dressed up as a maid, for no apparent reason presented me with a questionable switch. I switch on and turn on Kaede to make a try and she begins to squirm. How do you explain the fact that a vibrator was left locked up in her pussy? what has gotten into these twins?

Source: kyockcho

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