Office Romance Recipe KDrama Airing Starting Today

Office Romance Recipe KDrama Airing Starting Today
Office Romance Recipe KDrama Airing Starting Today

A mini-series by an Indonesian food company RealFood, entitled “Office Romance Recipe KDrama”. He will work with an Indonesian cast as opposed to his two favorite Korean actors from the Korean drama ‘Business Proposal’ and his principal character of office romance recipe.

Many fans recognize that one day when Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyo-seop arrived in Indonesia for the production of the Indonesian mini-series involving Chico Jericho as the representative of the new brand. Jericho’s first match is going to be with a Korean artist named Chicco.

On Tuesday (October 18. 2022), Realfood uploaded its first teaser trailer on YouTube. Their six second teaser is not much of an aid considering that it only identifies each actor’s character in the play.

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Office Romance Recipe KDrama Teaser : Ep.01 “The Magic Book”

The teaser shows Ah Hyo-seop looking charming and just a little cynical like one would expect an executive to appear in blue and white collared shirt, however, her role in the drama remains unrevealed. it’s pink. He caught a glimpse of his secretary in a blouse to the office, holding some candy in her hands. Meanwhile, the Batik Seiko Jericho was grinning to somebody.

Three of Realfood’s close fried namely Tatang (Ahn Hyo-seop), Rani (Kim Sejeong) and dan Chicco Jerikho (Chicco) narrate this short synopsis released by Realfood. This is a story. Healthy following of your friends and being followed by them. Open up a restaurant whose menu will be. That’s the story you are trying to manufacture. Though it is only a 4-episode story, it is packed with love stories and laughter.

The one-frame comeback of Kim Se-jong and Ahn Hyo-sip was warmly welcomed by fans. I am very excited to see both the actors working together again in a drama. The two met in the drama ‘Business Proposal‘ which aired in late February and gained popularity with their acting skills and strong chemistry.

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