One Piece 1053 leaked Manga Reveals Admiral Ryokugyu’s Name and Face

Ryokugyu Greenbull Face Reveal
Ryokugyu Greenbull Face Reveal (Imgae: Toei Animation)

One Piece 1053 manga were leaked on the internet on Wednesday (15), days before the official release.

The leaked images confirm the spoilers released earlier this week and among the highlights is the presentation by Admiral Ryokugyu.


The following image is raw (photos of the pages in low quality, taken from the magazine in Japanese). Better versions will come soon.

The manga is scheduled to launch in scanlations on Friday (17) and on Sunday (19) officially on the Manga Plus app.

One Piece 1053 Aramaki, Green Bull Admiral

Marine Admiral Ryokugyu (Aramaki) One Piece 1053
Marine Admiral Ryokugyu (Aramaki) One Piece 1053

Ryokugyu: “This Sake is very bland… Make sure they age properly!!”

Ryokugyu: “Turn around with one of the warships!!”

Introduction text: “Admiral of the Marine Headquarters: Ryokugyu (Aramaki)”

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