One Piece: A Vivi Cosplay in Alabasta Version

Vivi Cosplay
Vivi Cosplay

Vivi was formally part of Mugiwara, travelling with them to various islands, until she greeted him at Alabasta, with her kingdom needing her. However, Their greeting at the end of the saga is one of the best moments of ONE PIECE that still convinces many to tattoo that X on their wrist in memory of that moment.

The princess of the Nefertari lineage is one of the favourite characters of Anastasia Komori, a cosplayer who in the past devoted herself to the world of Eiichiro Oda. Wearing Arabic-inspired clothing, which has also been used in manga and anime, Komori posted a few photos of herself alongside a flashy version of herself.

Now it remains to be understood what happened to Reverie and how the beloved princess got involved.

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