One Piece Chapter 1092 Spoilers and Raw Scans

One Piece Chapter 1092 Spoilers and Raw Scans
One Piece Chapter 1092 Spoilers and Raw Scans
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The confirmed spoiler for One Piece chapter 1092 is out. Kizaru and Luffy fighting is contributing to the pandemonium on Egghead Island. One Piece chapter 1092 spoilers and Raw Scans leaks are explained in this guide.

One Piece Chapter 1092 Spoilers and Raw Scans

One Piece Chapter 1092 : “The “Tyrant attacking Holy Land” Incident”.

RAW Scan:

The cover of the publication features a reader request depicting Jinbe swimming alongside several remora fishes that have adhered to his body.

One Piece Chapter 1092 Kuma vs Akainu
One Piece Chapter 1092 Kuma vs Akainu

The chapter commences with Kuma’s arrival at Mary Geoise. Upon encountering a group of guards, Kuma employs the “Ursus Shock” technique to eliminate them. As a result, several Tenryuubito are also harmed in the process.

Akainu confronts Kuma and questions his presence in the Holy Land. He ponders the reason for a doll without consciousness to be there. Akainu engages in combat with Kuma and employs his signature attack, “Meigou” (Hellhound), melting part of Kuma’s face and possibly one of his legs. Kuma does not retaliate, instead opting to flee and subsequently vanishing.

Several Tenryuubito are vociferating at Akainu for his inability to apprehend Kuma. Additionally, it appears that the food supplies at Mary Geoise are currently depleted. A brief flashback is shown, occurring after Akainu’s detainment of Bonney two years prior, where he informed her that her father had voluntarily undergone his alterations.

Returning to the present, the scene shifts to Egghead Island where a confrontation between Kizaru and Luffy Snakeman ensues. The battle is depicted across multiple panels in the chapter. Kizaru employs light on both hands to effectively counter all of Luffy’s attacks, with both parties seemingly utilizing Color of Arms Haki. No novel techniques are employed.

Kizaru remarked, “You are a formidable opponent, as anticipated of someone who has vanquished Kaidou.” Subsequently, Kizaru flew a considerable distance from Egghead Island to prepare for his subsequent assault.

One Piece Chapter 1092 Kizaru
One Piece Chapter 1092 Kizaru

Kizaru exclaimed, “Velocity equates to potency!” before soaring towards Egghead and delivering a forceful kick to Luffy Snakeman. The impact caused Luffy to be propelled through “Vegaforce-01”, resulting in the complete destruction of the robot (with Franky still present). Two flashback panels were shown, depicting Vegapunk presenting “Vegaforce-01” to Kizaru.

The Thousand Sunny is deemed safe as it lands on “island clouds”. Kizaru is confronted by Bonney, to which he responds with a warning not to harm his acquaintances.

Bonney is subsequently kicked by Kizaru and collides with Egghead’s barrier.

One Piece Chapter 1092 Spoilers
One Piece Chapter 1092 Spoilers

Kizaru teleports to the “Control Room” within the “Labo Phase” and stands adjacent to Vegapunk. In the final double-page spread of the chapter, a colossal Luffy Gear 5 emerges above them, having already destroyed the “Control Room” ceiling, and seizes Kizaru with its massive hand. Vegapunk, Nami, Usopp, Atlas, and Edison are taken aback, causing their eyes to bulge out of their faces, while Kizaru maintains a composed expression.

Upon the conclusion of the chapter, the Ancient Robot’s ocular sensors activate upon detecting Nika’s heartbeat…

End of chapter.

No break next week…

One Piece Chapter 1092 Release Date and Time

One Piece Chapter 1092 will be released on Monday, 18 September, 2023, at 12:00 am JST. As confirmed by Viz Media and Manga Plus, the new chapter can be read online in English translation starting next week.

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 8:00 am
  • Central Daylight Time: 10:00 am
  • Eastern Daylight Time: 11:00 am
  • British Summertime: 4:00 pm
  • Central European Summer time: 5:00 pm
  • Indian Standard time: 8:30 pm
  • Philippine time: 11:00 pm
  • Australian Central Daylight Time: 00:30 pm

Check out the release schedule:

ChapterLeak DateWSJ
Release Date
One Piece Chapter 1092September 13, 202342September 18, 2023
One Piece Chapter 1093September 20, 202343September 25, 2023

Only official releases on the Mangaplus website have exact dates. Click here to read the previous chapter.

Where to Read One Piece Chapter 1092 Online?

You can read the three latest chapters of One Piece Chapter 1092 for free on the MANGA Plus and VIZ Media by Shueisha’s official website.

One Piece Chapter 1092 Raw Scans and Leaks

One Piece 1092 Raw Scans and Leaks will be released on Monday, 18th September, 2023, on its regular release schedule.

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