One Piece: RED Confirms the Return of a Major Villain

One Piece: RED confirms the return of a major villain
One Piece: RED confirms the return of a major villain

A major villain is returning in One Piece: RED, as confirmed by Toei Animation on its social media.

The studio’s TikTok profile confirmed that villain Charlotte Katakuri will be in One Piece: RED, sharing her look in the long run.

Charlotte Katakuri last appeared in the Candy Island arc, which ran for several episodes of the anime regular series.

One Piece: RED” opens in Japan on August 6 and will feature Eiichiro Oda as creative supervisor and Goro Taniguchi directing, while Tsutomo Kuroiwa handles the script.

The feature film will highlight Shanks the Red.

One Piece‘ is a creation of Eiichiro Oda and began serialization in 1997 by Shueisha Weekly Shannen Jump. It has since become a worldwide critical and commercial success, with several editions breaking print records in Japan.

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The anime adaptation of One Piece is available on the Crunchyroll platform, in Japan, which coincides with the release of new episodes.

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