One Piece Reveals Ryokugyu Startling Power

One Piece Reveals Ryokugyu Startling Power
One Piece Reveals Ryokugyu Startling Power

The last chapter 1053 of One Piece showed us a greater amount of Wano fallout, one of the most significant being Ryokugyu startling power.

One Piece went on break after its last chapter 1053, showed the result of the finish of the Wano arc. Albeit the country and the Straw Hats are as yet observing Kaido and Big Mom loss, beyond Wano the circumstance turns out to be progressively tense and perilous.

In the last part, a terrifying scene shows that Luffy is still distant from having confronted his most awful foe. The manga shows us a smidgen of the well known Ryokugyu (Green Bull) and his new power being utilized against certain individuals from the Beasts Pirates, among them the strong King and Queen. Ryokugyu seems depleting the imperative energy, through ringlets that reach out from the tips of his fingers, from these characters. In a moment or two, he figures out how to polish off the characters that One Piece heroes battled to overcome.

“I warned you not to test me, didn’t I? A guy in my position can’t go around getting beaten up by pirate subordinates! The Navy doesn’t have the manpower to spare to send around to clean up and you are who I thought you were!”

The Wano arc bend probably won’t have shown a large part of the military, yet this isn’t to imply that they haven’t been moving around this time. Evidently, the last adventure of One Piece will prompt a destructive fight among Luffy and the World Government, all things considered, the Straw Hats have become much more dangerous, but Luffy is currently one of the most wanted pirates in the world and, to exacerbate the situation, circumstance, Ryokugyu confirms that he is after him. (through comic book)

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