PUBG Developer Shows off Virtual Beauty Ana

Krafton, PUBG Developer Shows off Virtual Beauty Ana
Krafton, PUBG Developer Shows off Virtual Beauty Ana

The virtual human ANA being made by the developer PUBG has a very realistic appearance, is equipped with AI and has the ability to sing like a human.

Krafton is best known for gamers around the world for two PUBG titles and the upcoming game The Callisto Protocol, but today, they’re showing off a very different product. It’s a “virtual human” named Ana, a character that Crafton will help NSX establish the Web ecosystem. Ana is built on top of the Unreal 5 engine, with its ultra-realistic human modeling toolset.

However, before performing her role in Web3, Ana was destined to become a… virtual star first. “We hope she will capture the attention of Gen Z around the world,” said Josh Seok-Jin Shin, Krafton’s head of creativity. “Ana will release a self-composed CD, then expand her reach as a virtual influencer towards various fields of entertainment and eSports.”

KRATFON Virtual Human ANA
KRATFON Virtual Human ANA (Image: KRATFON)

The idea of ​​Virtual Influencers is not new, already a lot of companies are using the same. Last year, Samsung’s Sam also grabbed the attention of the community for a long time, even though it was only a few sketches and not a finished version. However, most of these characters fall into oblivion after some time, when gamers get a new “waifu“.

Hopefully, Crafton will find a way to keep his new character different and truly successful. Crafton said they will release more information about Anna this year, including the story surrounding her.

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