Stranger Things Season 4: Is Billy really dead? Can he return it?

Is Billy really dead? Can he return in Stranger things season 4 Volume 2?
Is Billy really dead? Can he return in Stranger things season 4 Volume 2?

Find out if Billy is really dead and if he can come back to life in Stranger Things Season 4!
Stranger Things is available on Netflix! If you want to know if Billy is really dead, read on! The Stranger Things season 4 has arrived, but some fans have an understandably bittersweet feeling, because it means Billion will be gone. Of course, Max’s older half-brother met his creator during the Battle of Starcourt in Stranger Things season 3.

Montgomery first appeared as Billy Hargrove in the second season of Stranger Things, and was an immediate antagonist to Max and Lucas. However, the following season served to flesh out and humanize the character, as he became one of the Mind Flayer’s flayed. To find out when Part 2 will be released, read this.

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Thanks to Dacre Montgomery’s performance, the polarizing Bludgeon became a favorite with some fans, which made his abrupt death in Season 3 a bit bittersweet. After all, Bill finally did the right thing and sacrificed himself to save Eleven, Max and his friends. To know the ages of the actors and characters, read this.

But as we well know by now, some things that seem dead in strange things don’t always stay that way. Will Bludgeon be resurrected in the Stranger Things season 4, or will he reappear in a flashback sequence? We tell you everything!

Is Billy really dead? Can he return in Stranger things season 4 Volume 2?

Following Billy’s death, Max feels guilty and withdraws into herself. She broke up with Lucas and doesn’t spend much time with her other friends. If Eleven, her closest friend in the group, was there, things probably would have been easier for Max. But since the premiere is in California, Max isolates himself from the rest of the world.

And that’s what draws Vecna ​​to her. Realizing that what she’s been going through these last few days matches the pattern of Vecna’s previous victims, Max tells Lucas and his friends the truth. Although they do their best to help him, Max feels an inevitable sense of doom. She writes letters to her friends and family and urges them not to read these letters until after her death.

In episode 4, titled “Dear Billy”, Max visits the grave of her half-brother and tells her that she is sorry. Suddenly, his spirit is transported upside down, while his body remains in the human world. Billy, as he was at the time of her death, approaches her and tells her that he has waited so long for her to tell him this.

Stranger Things Season Billy
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This Bludgeon then hypothesizes that a part of Max wanted him dead, which is why he feels so guilty and wishes he had followed him. As Max tries to get away from Billy, she falls over and discovers that she is in Vecna and not Porra she was talking the whole time. Max tries to run away and ends up in what appears to be the inverted version of House Creel.

In a 2019 interview, Montgomery said that she was okay with putting Bludgeon Hargrove behind him. “I’m glad I’m not back,” he said. “It’s been an incredible journey for me and this character, and I trust the Duffers know that the end is the end.

Stranger Things Season 4: Max and Billy
Stranger Things Season 4: Max and Billy

This season has been a young actor’s dream for me. To be honest, I put Bill on the bed in my head. I’m excited for the future, and I couldn’t be more excited to move on and show people what else I can do. » You understand, Billy will not come back to life in Stranger Things!

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