Summertime Render Part 2 key visual & PV is released

Summertime Render part 2 release date
Summertime Render part 2 (Image:

First look at Summertime Render Part 2.

The website has released the first look at Yasuki Tanaka‘s Summertime Renders Part 2 anime adaptation, which will arrive in Japan on July 7.

Summertime Render Part 2 Official Trailer

The video previews an excerpt from the new opening theme song “Natsuyume Noisy” performed by Asaka.

This is somewhat surprising to those who follow anime (we follow), as its first season began in April and ended this week, so basically, a week passed between each part.

Here you can see the first Key Visual of Part 2:

Summertime Render The second half key visual
Summertime Render The second half key visual (Image: OLM)

Summertime Renders, an OLM Studio production, airs on Tokyo MX, BS11, and Kansai TV, while Disney+ will handle worldwide distribution.

The anime will have a total of 25 episodes with two parts, adapted entirely from Tanaka’s manga.

Source: Summertime Renders Official Site

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