Announced The Last Case Of Benedict Fox, a Metroidvania with Lovecraftian Style

The Last Case Of Benedict Fox, a Metroidvania with Lovecraftian
The Last Case Of Benedict Fox (Image: Rogue Games, Inc)

The Last Case Of Benedict Fox promises to take us to a terrifying world full of adventure.

Yesterday’s Xbox and Bethesda showcase was packed with tons of games that will be released over the next 12 months, and one of the indies that grabbed our attention the most was the final case of Benedict Fox, a 2D game developed by Plot Twist. platform game.

During the game’s presentation we were able to observe a dark world full of Lovecraftian creatures that we will encounter in this metroidvania full of action, exploration and puzzles.

The story will take place in the year 1925 and will focus on Detective Benedict Fox, who must embark on a dark adventure to discover the secrets behind a strange family, while fighting a monster that has landed inside his own body. . Is. His journey will take him to a dangerous and hidden world where he has to survive to solve this puzzle.

According to its creators, they were based on the Dark Souls saga when making this game. The Final Case of Benedict Fox was announced for spring 2023 and will come to Xbox and PC platforms and will be included in the Xbox Game Pass service.

The Last Case Of Benedict Fox Trailer

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