The World Premiere Event of “ONE PIECE FILM RED” will take place at Nippon Budokan “One Piece Day”!


This movie version is also full of publicity, hoping to break through the previous 20th anniversary movie!

The world premiere of the latest movie “ONE PIECE FILM RED” from “ONE PIECE” will be held at Nippon Budokan on 7/2022 “ONE PIECE Day”.

The world premiere is expected to invite a performance seiyuu group headed by Tanaka Mayumi, as well as a “luxury stage lineup“, and the audience who enter the venue on that day can become the first batch of people in the world to watch the latest movie.

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The audience lottery will start today (6/6) on the official website of the film and the 27th issue of Weekly Shonen JUMP; in addition, there are also exclusive platforms (JUMP+, Zebrack) for those who continue to subscribe to the digital electronic version of Weekly Shonen JUMP. The lottery starts on June 13, 2022.


The latest movie “ONE PIECE FILM RED” of “ONE PIECE” is directed by Taniguchi Goro and scripted by Tsutomu Kuroiwa. It is expected to be officially released in Japan on August 6, 2022

ONE PIECE FILM RED Character character Design
ONE PIECE FILM RED Image: Toei Animation

(c) Eiichiro Oda / 2022 “One Piece” Production Committee

Source: “ONE PIECE FILM RED” official website

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