Tokyo Revengers arrives at Ninjala on July 20

Tokyo Revengers arrives at Ninjala on July 20
Ninjala x Tokyo Revengers

Ninjala is celebrating its 2nd anniversary by collaborating with the famous anime Tokyo Revengers! Starting July 20th, popular characters like Miki, Takemichi Hanegaki, Draken and more in this online action game.

Ninjala x Tokyo Revengers Collaboration

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Tokyo Revengers x Ninjala

The infamous Tokyo Manji gang isn’t the only new thing for Ninjala in Season 10.

  • The long-awaited View Lobby at the WNA Resort, Ninjala, has finally made its grand debut; Players can relax with each other in a non-combat environment on the beautiful beach.
  • Ninjala and Street Fighter can go head-to-head in the new “Man-to-Man Fight” game mode with 1v1 gameplay.
  • Exciting updates have also been made to combat with the introduction of “Alter Specials”, optional moves for each weapon that can be used in place of special attacks, as well as “Berserker” shinobi cards, which allow the player to attack attacks. allow doing. allow attacking. you can use special to replace. attacks allow you to get more. S-Energy to defeat opponents…

For a limited time, free in-game currency, as well as a Ninjala Pass Mini, can only be obtained by logging in during the 2nd Anniversary Campaign!

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