Uncensored versions of Overflow and other adult anime have been discovered

overflow anime
overflow anime

The site can only be accessed by mobile

According to EroEroNews, a website which distributes coolmics, an uncensored version of mature adult anime (that is, without ‘mosaics’, i.e., no censorship). The site is only accessible via mobile devices, and currently only the series Overflow (Overflow: My brother slipped inside me in the bathtub) = Joshiochi!: 2-kai kara Eromusume ga Futtekite, Ore no Are ni! ? ICENSE: (What She Fell on Was the Tip of My D!<k), or Fucked by my best friend, ‘Kuro Gal ni Natta kara Shinyuu to Yattemita’.

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However, an article published by ANN in Feburary 2020 targets only English speaking audience and therefore the platform is not widely discussed in the non-English media. The site wrote at the time:

“We are pleased to introduce you to Coolmic, an official digital comics and anime store offering Japanese comics in English (since 2018) and French (since 2019) for smartphone users. Coolmic also publishes exclusive and original comics that can only be read on their website, such as the popular titles Revenge on Trash Guys and Need More Followers. Creating an account on Coolmic is easy and free.”

Coolmic is accessible through web browsers on smartphones, meaning that there is no need for installing a separate application on a cellular device. Vertically, scroll it’s also very simple to read. That’s pretty cool since it translates into new and interesting content every day. Other than hosting comedy shows, coolmic’s website also hosts animated videos. Many of its famous titles are now animated as anime. You are therefore able to view your favourite anime movies wherever and whenever you desire.
Overflow Anime Cover
Overflow Anime Cover (Image: overflow)

The presentation shows that Coolmic is not a Japanese based site hence its freedom from the censorship laws of this country. It is interesting to note that among these uncensored adult anime three come under “Seasonal h*en-tai” category which is the weekly series for adults. These series are peculiar because upon release, they are censored into a version suitable for television such as with rays, erased scenes, and so on on the AnimeFesta website. Therefore, some people think that this version is because, when these animes first came out there was probably no plan to send them to adults who are not Japanese, and yet, it has always existed but never has it been possible to distribute in Japan.

The summary of censor theories is that this platform has an audience limited only on people who speak the English language; prices are also regionalized for American dollars. A single episode of each of these shows is 30 tickets and a pack of fifty tickets is worth five dollars. Therefore, one would have to buy 240 tickets at $25 each to watch all the episodes (in this case for Overflow).ҽ These high costs will certainly induce some individuals to obtain it ‘otherwise’.

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