by Gaurav Kumeriya

10 facts about Anya from spy x family

Spy x Family anime still has many chapters to adapt. Meanwhile, the manga has already revealed many interesting facts about Anya.

10. What does Anya love most? Her Chimera doll, peanuts, spy drawings, pistols, bombs, castles, penguins, her uniform, Loid, Yor and Becky.

9. Anya is picky about her food. She loves peanuts but hates carrots.

8. Anya wears "horns" on her head. We still don't know what these items are, but in the mangaka's one-shot, Rengoku no Ashe, the protagonist has the same "horns".

6. Anya is not a good student. One of the reasons for this is that she relies too much on her telepathy.

5. She was returned to the orphanage 4 times. Probably due to her mind-reading powers and her reactions to what she discovered.

4. Before the orphanage, Anya was in a research facility where she was a guinea pig. her codename was Test Subject 007.

3. Anya is the Russian diminutive of “Anna”, which means “grace”.

2. Loid assumes that Anya is between 4 and 5 years old, as her height of 99.5 cm corresponds to that of a Japanese child.

1. Anya appears to be 4 or 5 years old. But, she lies to Loid and says she is 6, because only then would she be adopted.