Wedding Impossible KDrama (2023)

Wedding Impossible KDrama (2023)
Wedding Impossible KDrama (2023)

Wedding Impossible is based on the Kakao Webtoon 웨딩 임파서블 written by Song Jung Won and illustrated by Lee Chung, which was published from December 27, 2016 to July 3, 2018.


  • Title: Wedding Impossible
  • Korean name: 웨딩 임파서블
  • Also Known As: Weding Impaseobeul, Wedingimpaseobeul, 웨딩임파서블
  • Genre: Romance
  • Original Network: Netflix
  • Writter: Song Jung Won & Lee Chung (webtoon)


  • Jeon Jong Seo as Oh Da Jung
  • Moon Sang Min as Ku Jong Yeol

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What is the story of Wedding Impossible KDrama?

Tells the story of Oh Da Jung (Jeon Jong Seo), an unknown actress who commits a fake marriage to a gay man who is a third-generation billionaire heir. But the groom’s brother Ku Jong Yeol (Moon Sang Min) is against this marriage with all his life.

Where to watch Wedding Impossible KDrama?

You can watch Wedding Impossible KDrama (웨딩 임파서블) on Netflix.

Wedding Impossible Trailer | Netflix


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